Monday, December 22, 2008

Great Tool to Help Me Keep Up To Date on the Goodness in the world.

This is a fantastic tool that helps me keep up to date with all the RSS's I try to keep track of. I went out and bought a Sony Digital Reader . The nice thing is that it has a sync feature with a folder on my desktop. It also supports PDF formats nicely.

This being said, there is a fantastic service called Tabbloid (not a spelling mistake) by HP that allows you to take RSS feeds and create a newspaper tabloid out of it. Needless to say, this makes nice reading on my device or if you are not as eco friendly, to print.

Did I also mention that this service can email you your feeds on a daily/weekly basis for free ???





Sudhir said...

Hey Bud, Would love to hear more about Sony reader... I am thinking of buying Kindle so let me know how sony device is... :)

Winson Woo said...

The sony device is awesome! We cannot get the Amazon WS so Kindle is kinda useless in Canada.

The light and touch screen make up for any issues with the readability people claim!