Thursday, February 26, 2009

Web parts Included with CS 2009

Hey guys,

With the exciting release of Commerce Server 2009, there are over 30 web parts and controls that are included. Here is a description/overview of them:


· Advertisement and Discounts – Displays advertisements and discounts that are relevant to both the current shopper and current site context. This Web Part works in conjunction with Marketing Manager and the various campaigns that are set up.

· Virtual Earth Store Locator – Integrates with Microsoft Live Virtual Earth so that the shopping site has detailed maps of store locations, enabling shoppers to find the store quickly.

· Reviews and Ratings (two Web Parts) – Displays the reviews and ratings for individual products. These Web Parts also let shoppers submit their own review and rating, with administrative workflow for management discretion.


· Search Box – Displays a search box that can be configured to search both the e-commerce site and any static content.

· Search Results and Paging (two Web Parts) – Displays the results of the search in a two-column pane, allowing shoppers to easily see what’s on your site, and easily page through a large number of results.


· Add to Cart – Enables shoppers to add products to their cart.

· Shopping Cart – Displays all of the merchandise that the shoppers want to purchase.

· Mini-cart – Displays a summary, usually in the upper-right corner of the page, of the total items and amount in a shopper’s basket.

· Checkout – This Web Part manages the checkout process. It is responsible for the flow of checkout operations, providing a uniform navigation model. This checkout process may include address and credit card management actions.

· Order Details – Displays a read-only version of the shopping cart and checkout information.

· Order History – Displays previous completed orders, including order status.

· My Lists – Provides shoppers with a way to manage all of their lists.

· My List Details – Displays the details of a shopper’s list


· Product Query – Displays the products and variants, usually based on a catalog, that a shopper is looking for.

· Product Detail Display – Displays the different products and product details on a product pages.

· Images Viewer – display different product, catalog, or other images.

· Site Map – Displays the map of your site.


· Address List – Provides the interface to view and start address administrative tasks.

· Address Detail – Provides the management functionality, such as adding and editing addresses.

· Credit Card List – Provides the interface to view and start credit card administrative tasks.

· Credit Card Detail – Provides the management functionality, such as adding a credit card and credit card information.

· My Profile – Provides the management functionality for account profile information.

· Registration Wizard – Provides the functionality to let shoppers register on an e-commerce site.

· Change, Forgot Password (two Web Parts) – Provides functionality for shoppers to reset or change their account password.

· Live ID* – Provides functionality to associate shopper accounts with their Microsoft Live ID account, so that the shopper can associate their Live ID account to a particular shopping site.


· Channel Configuration* – This feature provides the ability to assign a "channel name" to the site that has been created. A channel is any Web site that is targeted to a specific segment or device. The channel name is used throughout Commerce Server 2009 so that business and presentation logic can be tailored to address the specific needs of that channel.

· Property List Selection – This is a utility Web Part, meaning that users will use it indirectly as part of other Web Parts, and is used to enable the selection of various properties from the Commerce Server Core Systems.

· Product Provider – This is a utility Web Part, meaning that users will use it indirectly as part of other Web Parts, and is used by various other Web Parts to marshal data calls to Commerce Server and return product information.

· Inline Product Property Editor– This web part allows Merchandisers to edit product information right on the site pages. (Note: This web part will ship after CS2009 RTM.)

* These two items are technically not Web Parts, but they use SharePoint controls and are available in the Default site or can be integrated into other sites.


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