Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neat Translation Service

In the world of eCommerce and Integration there are typically a lot of requirements for translations. The support of double byte characters in the Windows Code set pretty much guarantee a truly international solution when using Windows Server products such as Commerce Server and BizTalk.

The fun thing was when I heard about this service that would be available soon during a TechEd 2009. Check this web site, I noticed a cool “plug in” into Windows Live Messenger.

This is the following icon:


Note that I have yet to play around with the widget.

To use this bot, simply add mtbot@hotmail.com to your contacts and invite him/her to your conversations.

After adding the bot into a 3 way conversation (or more) you can set your source and destination languages via numerics as the screenshots show.



The instructions for those that do not read french, are choose source and destination language


Probably have to take my word for it, but the translation is pretty good…

The interface is as follows:



A translation is (kinda ironic here…)

  1. TBot lang – show the pair of active languages
  2. TBot change – choose the languages for translation
  3. TBot stop – stop translations
  4. TBot start – being translations again
  5. TBot set – set the working language
  6. Tobot ? – Show this list of commands


Kinda fun and the translations are pretty accurate so far. I would say enough to get by.



After translating the list, I set the working language to English and here is the list:




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