Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Microsoft and Virtual Machines

I applaud and encourage Microsoft to release more and more beta products to test out.

The latest that I want to try out is the BizTalk 2010 beta and associated packages. However, without a VHD download, it is a bit of a PITA to try and create a new image with OS, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Updates etc.

Although there are some nice VM’s from Microsoft to build upon (, it still takes a super long time to build an image.

My suggestion ? Grab as many of the different DVD’s that Microsoft provides for BizTalk or ESB training. you can then use these base images to build upon for Betas or CTPs.

This will be great until at least Microsoft releases more ready to VHDs.

On a side note, it would be great if we can get perpetual “dev” licenses that these VHD’s can be built on that do not expire. It gets to be painful to have your VHD expire all the time.

My $0.02

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