Friday, September 10, 2010

SimplyFile, phew Support for Outlook 2010


I hammer through a few hundred email a day and I was using SpeedFiler for the longest time. Unfortunately, there have been little to no updates on SpeedFiler and it was preventing me from upgrading to Outlook 2010.

There is a hack, but unfortunately for me, it did not seem to work.

Then I came across SimplyFile. At first glance, this product seem to be feature parity to SpeedFiler, but oh, there is much much more under the covers.

Since this is not a product review blog, I will not cover all the features but will only show the ones that really amazed me.

1) The filing:

SimplyFile on the Outlook RibbonScreenshot

Much more detail : Note that I blacked out some of the account names.


It has the nice ability to file and file the original along with the response. I really like that as I have had to sometimes do many clicks to not file the original.

2) My favorites: Task it and Schedule it




These ACTUALLY create tasks and schedules (meetings) based on the email. They take a second to do but this is great!

3) Snooze it




Allows me to hide an item for a set period of time. I love this as I have to sometimes set emails back to as unread to place emphasis!

4) If you are a Microsoft MVP, you can get an NFR license here.

Enjoy the productivity gains! Use the time to BizTalk further!

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