Monday, March 21, 2011

Compilation of Hyper Jumping to Microsoft Cloud Technology


In the past few weeks/months, there has been an enormous increase in updates for technologies around Azure and cloud technology in general.

This blog post is a consolidation of 3 tools to help jumpstart your cloud training.

The order of these downloads/programs may differ depending on your experience and what you hope to gain but all three are valuable.

1) Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – A good update for Windows Azure as of February to provide content on how to use Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric

2) Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio – An updated SDK as of March 2011. Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio, which includes the Windows Azure SDK, extends Visual Studio 2010 to enable the creation, configuration, building, debugging, running, packaging and deployment of scalable web applications and services on Windows Azure.

3) LightSwitch Beta 2 Download and Training Kit 

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business applications, regardless of your development skills.  Read more about it here.

The Training Kit includes the following content:

  • LightSwitch Overview
    • Demo: Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch
    • Hands-on-lab: Simple Book Store Application
    • Hands-on-lab: Enhancing the Book Store Application
  • LightSwitch Advanced Features
    • Demo: Building Your First LightSwitch Application
    • Hands-on-lab: LightSwitch Control Extensions
    • Hands-on-lab: LightSwitch Data Source Extensions

All content has been tested to work with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. The setup scripts for all hands-on labs and demo scripts have also been updated so that the content can easily be used on a machine running Windows 7 SP1.

Happy Azure-ing!

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