Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is BizTalk Dead ? Yet Again…


I was talking to an old customer/friend yesterday and I got the inevitable question, I heard BizTalk was dead.

The first question out of my mouth (given that this was a friend as well as a customer) was who the heck spawned that rumor ? Did the name include the letters “I-B-M” or did the it rhyme with Moracle ?

I was pretty hyped this morning to write up a crazy large post around this but was lucky as while looking for some good images to use, I came across this post by fellow MVP Steef-Jan.

As a summary to his great post:

1) BizTalk is not dead. Microsoft is committed to the integration space. BizTalk may change names but an integration offering is still required and BizTalk as we know it now has a great niche and play.

2) We have also seen that one of the next logical steps to effective cloud strategies include hybrid solutions. BizTalk is the ideal platform to integrate on premise and cloud infrastructures. This will yield at least 3 offerings

  • BizTalk – on premise
  • BizTalk Infrastructure as a service in the cloud
  • BizTalk platform as a service in the cloud

I hope this helps things and shame shame shame on those spreading the rumors… On a side note, I think I saw Elvis as the WPC Smile

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