Thursday, November 29, 2012

Windows Server 2012

I had a chance to review the Windows Server 2012 both the Hyper-V edition and the Datacenter Edition.

I have to admit that the Win 8 Motif was a bit strange at first but then actually made things work a bit faster. You can chalk me up as a fan at this stage.

One challenge I had with the Hyper-V server was that for some reason, it refused to acknowledge the Wireless card on my laptop.

I remembered that wireless is a “Feature” that must be enabled in the Datacenter edition but alas, I had already removed the HyperV edition to put on Server.

Please use the following link to download Windows Server 2012

Windows 2012 Download ! There will be a process that allows you to receive emails to help guide you as well.

There is a full evaluation VHD that you can download as well but it is in english only!

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