Monday, November 3, 2008

Dublin - always new opportunities!


"Dublin", what is it ?

According to internal MS sources and web research, Dublin is in fact the application server role in Windows Server that will contain extensions and a set of WCF /WF 4.0 enhancements in .NET 4.0.

Additional information can be found in Steve Martin's blog.

For those attending PDC, there will be a ton of new information and this conference is generating a great deal of interest in the technical community as there is just so much to show.

This will help answer any questions of Dublin's fit into the new cloud technology and how it ties into Oslo.

My 2 cents ? I think this is the beginning of a whole new way of developing. Architectures will change drastically and gains will be had by all. As per my title, it is a fantastic new opportunity for new work, new skills and of course new challenges :)

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