Monday, June 8, 2009

Commerce Server 2009 code name R2 CTP

R2 June CTP is now available here.

A couple of things to note:

  1. This is not feature complete
  2. Do NOT install this on a production environment
  3. This is 64 bit only!
  4. There is no upgrade from CS 2007 or CS 2009 to CS 2009 R2. i.e. you need to uninstall CS 2007/2009 before installing CS 2009 R2. The instructions are here.

However, the new functionality is pretty cool.

  • API. Ability to update products and categories via the Commerce Foundation Services API. Authorization is not available in the CTP, thus any caller can update products or categories currently.
  • Business Administration Toolbar. Displayed on the NTLM site, the Silverlight 3-based administrative toolbar provides a point of extensibility that allows developers to create custom Silverlight "plug-ins" to be run from the toolbar. The toolbar supports multiple tabs for ease of organizing tools.
  • Cross Sell/Up Sell Relationship Manager. Used to manage cross sell and up sell relationships for a product or category. Launched from the Business Administration Toolbar (active when on a category or product page), the user can select products and/or categories to be displayed as cross sell or up-sell items.
  • Commerce Foundation Services. The ability to run Commerce Foundation Services as a service and thus make requests to Commerce Server in a distributed server environment. There are new configuration sections and elements to support this as described in the core documentation. Note that distributed Commerce Server is not supported out-of-the-box in the default contemporary site in this release.
    Security Note: In a distributed Commerce Server environment, the ability to define secured access to Commerce Server assets via the Commerce Foundation Services will be required. Commerce Foundation Services security is not yet available in this CTP release but is planned for upcoming releases.
  • Router Service. This service can be configured to forward messages from a browser client to the Commerce Foundation Services operating in a distributed environment. The Routing Service implements a security boundary in Commerce Server applications where Commerce Server assets are installed in an enterprise behind security firewalls and not in Internet facing servers. The Routing Service exposes a service endpoint to handle client Commerce Server requests, and is also documented in the Commerce Server core documentation.
  • New default contemporary site. The out-of-the-box Default Site in Commerce Server 2009 is replaced with the default contemporary site. This updated default contemporary site gives you a more streamlined and appealing out-of-the-box shopping site to work from.
  • Business Tools Extensibility Kit. Formerly known as the Partner SDK, the Business Tools Extensibility Kit includes the source code for the Business Management Applications.


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