Monday, December 7, 2009

Consolidation of BizTalk v.NEXT Features/Resources

There has been some nice talks and information around BizTalk v.NEXT

The first are updated resources to get the most of the information for the upcoming release of BizTalk. The first is a post from our friend Mr. Jim Bowyer, a Microsoft Tech Specialist).

· Deeper Microsoft Application Platform Alignment - Leveraging innovations in the platform including in .NET and in the Windows Server AppFabric to further enhance BizTalk Server’s enterprise-readiness by simplifying development, scalability, deployment and management capabilities.  E.g. hosting of WF instances inside a BizTalk Server;  allowing Flexible deployment options for WF inside BizTalk allowing WF instances to use the BizTalk messaging subsystems for persistence and reliability or bypass it to enable lower latency scenarios; new BizTalk Mapper designing transformation between WF data contracts (not just XML documents); Instrumentation of WF workflows to BizTalk Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), providing business process metrics and operational insight into WF based processes.

· Enterprise Connectivity for AppFabric  -Making it easier for .NET application built on the AppFabric to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise applications such as LOB systems and with existing Business-to-Business connectivity infrastructure

· On-Premises Server and Cloud Service Symmetry  - Facilitating the connection from on-promises applications to cloud services on Windows Azure platform and from cloud services to on-premises applications. Providing the option to deploy some integration services as cloud services on the Windows Azure platform.


The second is a compilation that I have to admit is a rip off of the cURL scripts from Scott Cate’s most excellent blog.

Although, it is very cool to download all the PPTX’s and WMV’s of the sessions, it is over 16 gigabytes of data. I have included a modified copy to include only the BizTalk/App fabric related ones as an attachment in this blog.


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