Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eCommerce and Content Management With Brian Walker

As a New Year’s gift, here is a link to the session that my company is hosting with Forrester.

The strategic importance of content management for retailers and CPGs involved in e-commerce has dramatically increased in the past year. According to the old adage - content is king - and companies are starting to realize that the customer expectations have changed. Companies that harness their content properly can help engage customers and ultimately drive sales - online and across channels.
Please join us on January 21st at 1pm EST as we present an e-commerce content management discussion with featured guest, Brian Walker from Forrester Research Inc.  Learn about the evolution and trends in e-commerce content management, as well as some key questions to ask as you plan your content management strategy.

In this Webinar we will explore:

· The impact of improved content on businesses

· The growing complexity of e-commerce content today

· How other businesses are prioritizing improving content and content management tools

· Key recommendations for e-commerce businesses today

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Forrester Senior Analyst - Brian K. Walker

Senior Analyst Brian WalkerBrian serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy professionals. He researches the effect that technology advancements, operational needs, and changing consumer behaviors have on the online retail industry. Brian has specific expertise in B2C and B2B eBusiness within retail and online travel, and his interests focus on multichannel strategies; user experience design; and technology solutions that facilitate the interactions between consumers, retailers, and brands. Brian has experience with a wide range of eCommerce technologies, ranging from platforms and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings to analytics, rich imaging, search, online marketing tools, and content management, among others.

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Happy New Year!


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